Newsletter - Issue 55

Specialization Course on Writ of Mandamus

rnrnSeptember 16th marks the beginning of the specialization course on the procedural, administrative and constitutional aspects of the writ of mandamus. The opening lecture will be given by Mar�al Justen Filho. Eduardo Talamini, who is one of the organizers of the course, will also give one of the lectures in the course. You can enroll in the course here.rnrn

I International Arbitration Seminar of Coimbra

rnrnFrom October 20th to 22nd, 2011, the I International Arbitration Seminar of Coimbra will be hosted in the University of Coimbra School of Law. The seminar will bring together renowned European and Brazilian scholars debating current topics and challenging concerns on the subject. The full schedule is available here and instructions on how to sign up can be found here. rnrn

Brazil Infrastructure Report (PEI Media, September, 2011)

rnrnJusten, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini was the only Brazilian firm involved in preparing the Brazil Infrastructure Report, to be released this September by the specialized English publisher PEI Media. The report covers a wide variety of areas such as telecommunications, external control, the environment, ports and energy. It also contains an interview with Mar�al Justen Filho on infrastructure investments in Brazil and an article by Cesar A. Guimar�es Pereira on arbitration and conflict resolution, both of which can be accessed here. The report is set to be published in the following days.rnrn

II Brazil Infrastructure Investments Forum (NY – October 20th, 2011)

rnrnThe firm is one of the sponsors participating in the international seminar hosted in New York City that is being organized by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce (BACC) and by Editora F�rum. The seminar will occur from 8 AM to 2:30 PM on October 20th, 2011. The full schedule is available here, where you may also sign up for one of 150 available seats. The panels, which are composed of both Brazilian and American specialists and authorities, will discuss subjects such as logistics and transportation, arbitration and dispute resolution, telecommunications and investments related to the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. The seminar will conclude with a lunch and the release of the 2011 edition of Infrastructure Law ofBrazil, the book edited by Mar�al Justen Filho and Cesar A. Guimar�es Pereira.rnrn

The Differentiatal Public Procurement Regime (Law 12.462/2011)

rnrnAs announced in the previous edition, this month?s newsletter brings several texts analyzing the main innovations brought by the Differential Public Procurement Regime [Regime Diferenciado de Contrata��es ? RDC] established by Law 12.462/2011. This edition brings the articles written by Aline L�cia Klein (on the declassification of bids and the closing of the bidding procedure: the possibility of correcting remediable flaws), Guilherme F. Dias Reisdorfer (on the integrated contract), Mar�al Justen Neto (on negotiating for more beneficial conditions after the result of the bid) and M�nica Bandeira de Mello Lef�fre (on the inversion of steps and changes in the qualification step).rnrnrnrn

São Paulo
Jardim Botânico
Informativo Eletrônico 157 - Março/2020EFEITOS JURÍDICOS DA CRISE

Os reflexos das patologias decorrentes do COVID-19 e das políticas adotadas para combater a pandemia afetam de modo significativo a atividade administrativa estatal e a iniciativa privada. Isso envolve uma pluralidade de questões no âmbito das contratações administrativas e das relações negociais privadas que já estavam em curso ou que venham a agora a se aperfeiçoar. Interfere também diretamente sobre os procedimentos estatais administrativos e jurisdicionais.
Esta edição do Informativo Eletrônico contém as reflexões produzidas pelos advogados do escritório sobre algumas dessas questões, com a expectativa de contribuir para identificar as soluções mais adequadas a cada caso concreto, com o menor impacto possível aos diversos interesses envolvidos.

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