Newsletter - Issue 50

Brazilian Court of Accounts: limits to the modification of administrative contracts

rnrnA recent decision of the Brazilian Court of Accounts presented a new understanding on the limits for the modification of administrative contracts. It considered valid a modification that increased the initial value of the contract in approximately 2,700%, much over the 25% limit established by the Law 8.666/93 and the parameters set by Decision 215/1999 of the Court of Accounts. This decision is the theme of the commentary written by Rodrigo Goulart de Freitas Pombo.rnrn

Airports and privatization

rnrnThe airport sector is regarded to represent one of the greatest bottlenecks in the Brazilian transport infrastructure. The possibility of the collapse of the airport system has been a constant risk. An urgent solution is necessary, not only for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, but also for the long term. In this context, the transfer of airports and terminals to the private initiative has been widely discussed. Read more on this matter in the essay written by Alexandre Wagner Nester.rnrn

Sustainable national development: the system created by Law 12.349 for administrative contracts

rnrnLaw 12.349, of December 15th, 2010, brought important changes to article 3 of the Law 8.666/93 by consolidating the goal of sustainable national development as the purpose of administrative contracts. For a more detailed analysis on the subject, see the article written by Mar�al Justen Filho.rnrn

Administrative Law – 7th Edition

rnrnEditora F�rum has released the 7th edition of Mar�al Justen Filho?s Administrative Law. Originally published in 2005, the work examines administrative law in the perspective of the supremacy and unwaivabilty of fundamental rights. The new edition has been revised and expanded in accordance to the most recent legislation and case law. It brings a more detailed section on the production of sector regulation, constitutional motions, and considerations on Laws 12.232 and 12.349, which brought innovations to the system of public bids. The Editor?s website can be accessed here.rnrn

50th Edition of the Newsletter – retrospective and challenges

rnrnJusten, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini Newsletter reaches its 50th edition this month. After fifty months, it is gratifying to find that the Newsletter has accomplished its original purpose. As initially planned, it has come to foster debate through the publication of articles that convey the professional and academic thoughts of members of the firm. The result of this joint effort may be seen in the firm?s website, where all previous editions comprising around 150 articles are collected and available for several search options. For the future, what remains is the commitment and challenge of continuing to write rigorous and scientifically objective texts, with the goal of positively contributing to legal discussions and the betterment of Brazilian Law.rn

São Paulo
Jardim Botânico
Informativo Eletrônico 157 - Março/2020EFEITOS JURÍDICOS DA CRISE

Os reflexos das patologias decorrentes do COVID-19 e das políticas adotadas para combater a pandemia afetam de modo significativo a atividade administrativa estatal e a iniciativa privada. Isso envolve uma pluralidade de questões no âmbito das contratações administrativas e das relações negociais privadas que já estavam em curso ou que venham a agora a se aperfeiçoar. Interfere também diretamente sobre os procedimentos estatais administrativos e jurisdicionais.
Esta edição do Informativo Eletrônico contém as reflexões produzidas pelos advogados do escritório sobre algumas dessas questões, com a expectativa de contribuir para identificar as soluções mais adequadas a cada caso concreto, com o menor impacto possível aos diversos interesses envolvidos.

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