Newsletter - Issue 133

Arbitration and Public Administration (São Paulo – April 23)

On April 23, Eduardo Talamini will give a lecture about “The arbitrability of Government litigations: what are the limits of the use of arbitration by the State?” The panel is part of the seminar “Arbitration and Public Administration”, organized by the Lawyers Institute of São Paulo. Cesar Pereira and Diego Franzoni will also participate in the debate about “Arbitration regarding corporate matters in state-owned companies: possible advantages in its adoption by the Brazilian Government”. Click here for more details.

Participation of foreign companies in Brazilian biddings

The definition of the conditions to the participation of foreigners in Brazilian biddings demands the application of several provisions of Law 8.666 and Civil Code. The discussion involves specially the situations in which foreign companies without authorization to operate in the country can be bidders. Read more in the article written by William Romero. More

Internal Regulations of the Regulatory Agency of Paraná State

On March 9, the Regulatory Agency of Infrastructure Delegated Public Services of Paraná (AGEPAR) enacted the Resolution 003/2018. The ruling establishes the new Internal Regulations of the Agency. Read the commentaries of Daniel Siqueira Borda and Raphaela Thêmis Leite Jardim on the news introduced in the regulation.

The Brazilian Securities Commission has judged the first case of spoofing

In March, the Securities Commission (CVM) judged, for the first time, a case of spoofing – a way of price manipulation in the securities market through the insertion of artificial purchase and sale orders in the offer book. The practice violates items I and II (letter “b”) of the CVM Normative Ruling 08/1979, besides it is crime of market manipulation (Article 27-C of Law 6.385/1976). Read the brief commentaries of Mayara Gasparoto Tonin about the decision.

ANATEL and ANTT’s terms of agreement in the vision of the Federal Court of Accounts

At the end of the last year, the Federal Court of Accounts examined two conduct terms of agreement signed by regulatory agencies (Nacional Agency of Telecommunication and Nacional Agency of Transport) – decisions 2.121/2017 and 2.533/2017. Guilherme F. Dias Reisdorfer published his commentaries at Coluna do Justen (JOTA). JOTA’s website.

Commission of Lawyers to discuss the reform of the Administrative Improbity Act

House of Representatives named Marçal Justen Filho member of the Commission of Lawyers responsible to draft the bill to change the Administrative Improbity Act (Law 8.429/1992).

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