Newsletter - Issue 132

Book release: contracts and control of the public administration (São Paulo – March 1)

On March 1st, the book “Contratos e Controle na Administração Pública – Reflexões Atuais” will be released in Sao Paulo. The book contains a selection of articles produced by the members of the institute “Centro de Estudos de Dirieto Administrativo, Ambiental e Urbanístico – CEDAU”. The institute congregates scholars of administrative law linked to the law school of the University of Sao Paulo. The lawyer Karlin Olbert Niebuhr participates in the institute and in the book with an article entitled “O papel do CNJ no controle dos precatórios”. Click here for more information.

Charity event: jurisprudence and the new code of civil procedure (Curitiba – March 1)

On March 1st, OAB/PR will hold the charity event “The jurisprudence and the new code of civil procedure”, in which the main decisions of Brazilian Superior Court (STJ) about the new code of civil procedure will be analyzed. The lawyer Paulo Osternack Amaral will be one of the speakers. All the revenue will be donated to Hospital Erasto Gaertner. The registration can be made in the site of ESA-OAB/PR. For further information, click here.

Masters thesis about CISG and public procurement

On 03/12/2018, Cesar Pereira will take part on the examination board of the masters’ thesis of Flávia Faermann about “A dimensão publicista da CISG como aliada do Estado”, in UFRGS. Professor Vera Fradera orients the masters’ student. The application of CISG – United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Gods, in force in Brazil since 2014 – in public and private procurement is one of the issues of the current Willem C. Vis Moot, an international arbitration competition that assembles hundreds of universities in Vienna and Hong Kong on March.

Bidding process for the concession passenger transportation between cities from São Paulo

On 01/13/2018, the São Paulo’s transportation regulatory agency (Agência Reguladora de Serviços Públicos Delegados de Transporte do Estado de São Paulo – ARTESP) published the Invitation for bids 002/2016, whose object is the concession of regular passenger transportation between cities in the State of São Paulo. Check the article written by Daniel Siqueira Borda on the subject, with remarks on the concession in this important sector of the economy.

Course about the process of hiring engineering and construction services to build a hydroelectric dam (Brasília – March 6 and 7)

On March 6th and 7th, the Brazilian Dams Committee (Comitê Brasileiro de Barragens – CBDB) will hold a course about the process of hiring engineering and construction services to build a hydroelectric dam. The partner Fernão Justen de Oliveira will be one of the speakers with a lecture about Public Contracts and Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Click here for more information.

Bottlenecks in the logistics sector and private investments in ports

The partner Rafael Wallbach Schwind was interviewed for the cover story of the magazine Problemas Brasileiros, from Fecomercio-SP. In its 444th issue, the magazine discusses the problems arising from bottlenecks in the logistics sector and the private investments’ scenario in the country`s ports. To see the full content of the magazine, click here.

Petrobras” new regulation for bidding processes and contracts

In January, Petrobras published its new rules for bidding processes and contracts. Some of the main predictions of the new rule are analyzed in an article by Guilherme F. Dias Reisdorfer.

Decree about Ports under analysis by the Federal Court of Accounts (JOTA)

Justen`s Column, in JOTA, published in January an article by Rafael Walbach Schwind about the Federal Court of Accounts’ analysis on the adaptation of the port lease contracts under the new Ports Law, based on Decree 9.048/2017. The text focuses on the decision of the Federal Court of Accounts that rejected the proposal to suspend the administrative processes created to adapt the lease contracts, thus maintaining the processing of applications submitted by the port terminals. Check out the Jota website.

Congress in Lisbon discusses tax and administrative arbitration (Lisbon – March 1)

On March 1st, the Luso-Brazilian Congress “Arbitration in Public Law” will be held. The event is promoted by the Lisbon’s Centro de Arbitragem Administrativa. Eduardo Talamini will be one of the lectures. For more information, click here.

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