Newsletter - Issue 129

FEPASC event (Curitiba – November 28)

On November 28, the Federation of Passenger Transport Companies of the State of Paraná and Santa Catarina (FEPASC) will promote the event “Trends 2018”. Partners André Guskow Cardoso and Rafael Wallbach Schwind will participate in the panel “perspectives and trends in passenger transport delegations for 2018”. The event will also be attended by the economist Ricardo Amorim, who will discuss sectorial relevant economic aspects.

Tenders in State Companies – IEP Lecture (Curitiba – November 28)

On November 28, Fernão Justen de Oliveira and Alexandre Wagner Nester will participate in the event promoted by the Instituto de Engenharia do Paraná [Institute of Engineering of Paraná State] in Curitiba, giving a lecture on The New Legal Panorama of Tenders in State Companies. For more information, click here or see the IEP website.

XXIII National Conference of Brazilian Lawyers (São Paulo – November 27 to 30)

From November 27 to 30, the São Paulo State Bar Association (OAB/SP) will promote the XXIII National Conference of Brazilian Lawyers. Three partners will attend the event. Marçal Justen Filho will lecture in Public-Private Partnerships in the “Administrative Reform” panel (November 29 at 9am), Eduardo Talamini in “Legal Fees in Appeals” in the “Legal Fees” panel (November 29 at 9am) and Cesar Pereira, who will participate in the “Arbitration and Public Administration” panel, in the “Special Event on Arbitration” (November 27 at 2:30pm). Click here to see the full program and information about registration.

Post-graduate Student USP-UFPR Seminar (Curitiba – 24 November)

On November 24, the Post-graduate Student USP-UFPR Seminar will take place at UFPR School of Law. The associate lawyer Miguel Godoy will be one of the debaters on the panel “Constitutional Courts: between constitutionalism and democracy”. Click here for more information.

Participation of foreign companies in procurement in Brazil

Partner Rafael Wallbach Schwind gave an interview to Escola Nacional de Administração Pública [National School of Public Administration], linked to the Ministry of Planning, Budget and Management, concerning international public procurement and the participation of foreign companies in public procurement in Brazil. Click here to read the full interview.

STF (Supreme Court) will decide on legislative immunity

The Supreme Court may decide soon the restriction of the legislative immunity. Lawyer Miguel Godoy presents the key points and arguments on the subject and outlines four reasons why legislative immunity should be reviewed.

Regulation and Behavioral Science (JOTA)

In October, partner André Guskow Cardoso published in the column of Justen, Pereira Oliveira e Talamini at JOTA an article about Regulation and Behavioral Science, analyzing new prospects for the elaboration of legal rules. Click here to access the full article.

Legal 500

Another important international ranking, the Legal 500, has ranked the office as one of the best in the country in Public Law. Check it out here.

Chambers and Partners

A survey by Chambers and Partners has ranked again Justen, Pereira, Oliveira e Talamini among the top three law offices (Band 1) in the South region, in the litigation and dispute resolution area – check here.

Análise Advocacia: Justen, Pereira, Oliveira e Talamini ranked among the most admired law firms in Brazil

For the 11th consecutive year, the Brazilian Review Análise Editorial has listed Justen, Pereira, Oliveira e Talamini among the most admired law firms in the country. In 2017, the firm reached the 20th position among the 500 most admired offices in the country with broad expertise. It reached the 1st place in the Infrastructure and Regulatory and Concessions sectors; 1st place in the state of Paraná; and 12th place considering number of admired lawyers. Partners Marçal Justen Filho (who ranked 1st place in the Infrastructure and Regulatory sector and 1st place in Distrito Federal State), Cesar Pereira (who ranked 3rd place in the Infrastructure and Regulatory sector), Eduardo Talamini (who ranked 3rd place in Parana State), Andre Guskow Cardoso (who ranked 2nd place in Concessions sector and 2nd place in the Paraná State) and Rafael Wallbach Schwind (who ranked 3rd place in the Infrastructure and Regulatory sector, 3rd place in the Concessions Sector and 2nd place in Paraná State) were listed among the most admired lawyers in various states and economic sectors covered by the publication.

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