Newsletter - Issue 126

Book release: International Biddings (Second edition)

The publishing company Fórum has released the second edition – reviewed, updated and extended – of “Licitações Internacionais: participação de estrangeiros e licitações realizadas com financiamento externo” (International biddings: foreigners participation and biddings promoted with foreign resources), written by the partner Rafael Wallbach Schwind. Click here for more information.

Seminar “Administrative Law and Politics in the corruption prevention” (São Paulo – August 31)

On August 31, the partner Marçal Justen Filho will participate in the panel “Why public procurement laws do not refrain corruption?” of the Seminar on Administrative Law and Politics in the corruption prevention“, organized by the Lawyers Association of São Paulo, the Public Group of GV Law São Paulo and the Brazilian Society of Public Law. Click here to register.


Check the monthly column of Justen, Pereira Oliveira e Talamini at JOTA. Click here.

Law 13.448 innovations on arbitration: airports, roads and railways (JOTA)

In July, Cesar Pereira published at JOTA an article about the innovations introduced by Federal Law 13.448 on the arbitration regime involving the Public Administration in Brazil regarding the railway, road and airport sectors. Access the full article here.

Provisional executive orders not voted in the period defined by the Constitution does not block the Congress agenda

A recent decision of the Brazilian Supreme Court determined that Provisional Executive Orders (MP) not voted in the period defined by the Constitution do not hinder the Congress agenda and the appreciation of all draft bills. On the subject, check the article written by Miguel Gualano de Godoy.

Arbitration: CAMFIEP’s new board of directors

Since August 10, CAMFIEP – Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation of the Industries Federation of Paraná has a new board of directors. The partner Cesar Pereira, Chamber’s president for the past six years, is now one of the directors. The Partner Eduardo Talamini is again the vice president and the associated Isabella Vosgerau is the general secretary. CAMFIEP is one of the main arbitration chambers of Paraná and has recently been the only chamber in the state appointed as one of the best arbitration centers in Brazil to the 2016-2017 edition of “Leaders League Intelligence Report & Directory Series”.

CAMESC Congress of Arbitration and Mediation (Itajaí – August 25)

On August 25, the Arbitration and Mediation Chamber of Santa Catarina – CAMESC will promote its second congress in Itajaí. Two partners of Justen, Pereira, Oliveira e Talamini will participate in the panels. Marçal Justen Filho will give the opening lecture on the inapplicability of Law 8.666 to the selection of arbitrators and arbitration chambers by the Government and Rafael Wallbach Schwind will talk about arbitration and mediation regarding the Government. Access the program here and watch the video of the congress first edition.

The Superior Court of Justice debates the new Brazilian Civil Procedural Law (Brasília – August 24 and 25)

Scholars, jurists and lawyers have written over 600 interpretative statements regarding the Civil Procedure Code of 2015. Based on these statements, the Superior Court of Justice held the I Journey of Civil Procedure Law, on August 24 and 25 in Brasilia. Commissions of different areas have been enabling the discussions since June. The partner Eduardo Talamini is part of the commission dedicated to appeals. Click here for more information.

XXVIII Paraná State Congress of Administrative Law (Curitiba – September 22 to 25)

The Institute of Administrative Law of Paraná will promote its annual congress between August 22 and 25. Marçal Justen Filho will participate in the panel on the Revolution of Public Biddings. Cesar Pereira will give a lecture about the Revolution in the Global Infrastructure and Investments to the State Modernization. Click here for more information.

I CAM-CCBC Workshop on arbitration (Brasília – August 23)

On August 23, the first CAM-CCBC Workshop on “Arbitration, Public Administration and Infrastructure” takes place in Brasília. The partner Marçal Justen Filho spoke in the panel “Arbitration and Public Procurement”. The partner Cesar Pereira participated in the panel about “Infrastructure”. Click here for more information.

XVI International Congress of Arbitration (Gramado – September 24 to 26)

On August 24 to 26, the Arbitration Brazilian Committee – CBAR will hold its annual Congress in Gramado-RS on “due process of law in arbitration”. The partner Eduardo Talamini will give a lecture about “Arbitration award’s groundings. Are the arbitrators obliged to exam all the parties’ arguments?”. Check here for more information.

Tribute to Cândido Rangel Dinamarco (São Paulo – August 18)

On August 18, the Brazilian Institute of Procedural Law held the symposium “Presente e futuro do processo civil brasileiro: homenagem a Cândido Dinamarco, em seus 80 anos” (Present and future of Brazilisimpan Civil Procedural Law: tribute to Cândido Rangel Dinamarco). The partner Eduardo Talamini was one of the event’s coordinators and was a speaker in the panel about arbitration. Click here for more information.

Book release: O Estado Acionista (State shareholder)

In August, the publishing company Almedina released the book “O Estado Acionista: empresas estatais e empresas privadas com participação estatal” (The State shareholder: state-owned companies and private companies with state-owned shares), written by the partner Rafael Wallbach Schwind. The book is the result of his thesis at University of São Paulo, reviewed and updated according to Federal Law of State-owned Companies and its Decree. The Book release will be held at Paraná State Congress of Administrative Law (Curitiba-PR, August 22 to 25) and at Brazilian Congress of Administrative Law (Cuiabá-MT, October 25 to 27). Click here for more information.

IV CAM-CCBC Pan American Congress of Arbitration (São Paulo – October 23 and 24)

In October, Marçal Justen Filho will participate in the panel about “The practice of Arbitration with Government organs” of the IV Pan American Congress of Arbitration promoted by the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada. Click here to obtain more information about the event.

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