Newsletter - Issue 121

IX Curitiba Pre-moot

IX Curitiba Pre-Moot took place on March 17-18, in Curitiba. The event was preparatory for the 24th edition of William C. Vis Moot (Viena, April 7-13) and for the 14th edition of Vis East (Hong Kong, March 26 to April 2). The partners Cesar Pereira and Rafael Wallbach Schwind and the associated Isabela Andrade Vosgerau, who participated as arbitrators, represented Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini. The associated Luísa Quintão participated as coach of the PUC/SP team and the interns Eduardo Leardini Petter, Pedro Henrique Carvalho da Costa and Izabela Moriggi Costa represented the UFPR team, who got the second place in the competition classification. Click here for more details on the event.

Public works in times of crisis – FGV

On April 24, FGV Projetos will hold a seminar on public works in times of crisis (Seminário Obras Públicas em Tempos de Crise). Lawyer Rafael Wallbach Schwind will be the moderator of the panel Novas formas de estruturação das contratações públicas about new ways of structuring public hiring. The event starts at 9am and will take place at Centro Cultural da Fundação Getulio Vargas (186, Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro-RJ). For more information, click here.

Untypical measures on the execution for certain amount

At the same time that in details typifies the execution for certain amount, the new Civil Procedure Code give to the judge the power to enforce his decisions by using all the means of coercion and subrogation needed to ensure enforcement of court decisions (CPC/2015, article 139, IV). How to reconcile these apparently antagonistic guidelines? In another inedited part of the new edition of 3rd volume of Advanced course of civil procedure law, Eduardo Talamini analyzes the subject.

IX Competición Internacional de Arbitraje y Derecho Mercantil – Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (International Arbitration and Commercial Law Competition)

At the beginning of April, Cesar Pereira will participate as an arbitrator in the Universidad Carlos III’s ninth Madrid Moot. The competition in Spanish applies the CISG as substantive law to an international arbitration case.


Privatization of the instantaneous lottery – Lotex

The privatization of the instantaneous lottery (LOTEX) is the main theme for the potential investors in the sector. The BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank) is the responsible for the execution and monitoring of this process, with the contracting of necessary projects for its implementation. Check out the brief commentary by Fernão Justen de Oliveira and Ricardo de Paula Feijó on the subject. More…

After the Storm – Lecture with Ricardo Amorim (Curitiba – April 5th)

On April 5, the economist Ricardo Amorim will give a lecture called After the Storm in Curitiba. The event will take place at Teatro Positivo and will be supported by Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini. The speaker gathers technical knowledge from his academic background and performance in the financial market and fluent communication recognized from the television program Manhattan Connection. Check here for more information on buying tickets.

Willem C. Vis Moot in Vienna and Vis East Moot in Hong Kong: international arbitration university competitions

Cesar Pereira will participate as an arbitrator on the international arbitration competitions Willem C. Vis Moot in Vienna and Vis East in Hong Kong, which involve matters related to the CISG and international purchase and sale of goods. On these occasions, he will give lectures on CISG and corruption (Hong Kong, March 25), on the peculiarities of dispute resolution in Brazil involving Chinese parties (Macau, March 27) and on the use of CISG in international sales of works of art (Vienna, April 7). Our law firm will also be represented by Luísa Quintão, who will participate in the competitions as a coach of the PUC-SP team, and by interns Eduardo Leardini Petter, Izabela Moriggi Costa and Pedro Henrique Costa, who are part of the UFPR team.

Article 25 of MP 752/16: a unilateral offer to arbitrate

Presidential Provisional Measure (MP) 752 seems to have created a revolutionary change in Brazil’s approach to arbitration involving State parties. The scope of application of MP 752 is limited to projects within the Federal Government’s Investment Partnership Program (PPI), generally defined by Law 13.334 and specifically governed by acts from the Federal Executive branch. Within the current challenging scenario in the infrastructure sector, a guaranteed possibility of having disputes resolved by arbitration under article 25 of MP 752 means encouraging news. The deadline for the MP’s possible conversion into law is 4 May 2017. For a further analysis, check here the article by Cesar Pereira originally published at Kluwer Arbitration Blog.

Concessions and investments in Brazil: new directions – FGV

Marçal Justen Filho will lecture at the Seminário Concessões e Investimentos no Brasil: Novos Rumos (Concessions and Investments in Brazil Seminar), promoted by FGV Projetos, in the panel called Marco Legal. The event will be held on April 10 starting at 10am at Centro Cultural da Fundação Getulio Vargas (186, Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro-RJ). For more information, click here.

São Paulo
Jardim Botânico
Informativo Eletrônico 157 - Março/2020EFEITOS JURÍDICOS DA CRISE

Os reflexos das patologias decorrentes do COVID-19 e das políticas adotadas para combater a pandemia afetam de modo significativo a atividade administrativa estatal e a iniciativa privada. Isso envolve uma pluralidade de questões no âmbito das contratações administrativas e das relações negociais privadas que já estavam em curso ou que venham a agora a se aperfeiçoar. Interfere também diretamente sobre os procedimentos estatais administrativos e jurisdicionais.
Esta edição do Informativo Eletrônico contém as reflexões produzidas pelos advogados do escritório sobre algumas dessas questões, com a expectativa de contribuir para identificar as soluções mais adequadas a cada caso concreto, com o menor impacto possível aos diversos interesses envolvidos.

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