Newsletter - Issue 120

PPP: solution for basic sanitation and public lighting as city enterprises

The municipal services of basic sanitation and public lighting are a challenge for several brazilian cities that lack investment capacity. These services, which are now priority for Federal Government`s Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), have a suitable legal model for their provision by the private sector. Check out the brief commentary by Alexandre Wagner Nester on the subject.

CAM-CCBC Pre-Moot (São Paulo – March 11 and 12)

On March 11 and 12, CAM-CCBC Pre-Moot will take place in São Paulo. The preparatory event for the 24th edition of Willem C. Vis Moot (Vienna, April 7 to 13) and for the 14th edition of Vis East (Hong Kong, March 26 to April 2) plays a prominent role in the academic calendar, considering that in this year the international competitions will follow the rules of Brazilian center. The senior partner Cesar Pereira and the associates Diego Franzoni, Marina Kukiela and Luísa Quintão, who will participate as arbitrators, will represent Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini. The interns Eduardo Leardini Petter, Pedro Henrique Carvalho da Costa and Izabela Moriggi Costa will represent the UPFR team. Click here for more information.

One year of Civil Procedure Code: symposiums and congresses (March)

In March, due to the Civil Procedure Code’s anniversary of validity, there are several events about the matter. Eduardo Talamini will give lectures in Belo Horizonte (March 9, “Coisa Julgada”), Rio de Janeiro (March 10, “O future do processo civil”), Brasília (March 15, “Agravo de Instrumento: cabimento no CPC/15) and Curitiba (March 16, “Negócios processuais vs poderes do juiz”). From March 24 to 26, he will be at the Permanent Forum of Civil Procedure Scholars in Florianópolis.

Book Launch: Direito Administrativo e seus novos paradigmas (Administrative Law and its new paradigms)

Fórum Publisher has released the 2nd edition of the collective work Direito Administrativo e seus novos paradigmas (Administrative Law and its new paradigms), with articles from several brazilian jurists (see here). The book was coordinated by Alexandre Santos de Aragão and Floriano de Azevedo Marques Neto and has contributions of Marçal Justen Filho (chapter entitled Administrative Law of the Spectacle), Cesar Pereira (who wrote about Public Administration and Consumer Law) and Alexandre Wagner Nester (who wrote about the insertion of the Competitive Regime in Public Services).

Lecture on Arbitration at UFPR (Curitiba – March 20 and 21)

On March 20 and 21, the Study Group on Arbitration and Commercial Law of UFPR will organize the I Simpósio de Arbitragem e Direito Comercial (a seminar on Arbitration and Commercial Law) under the supervision of Professor Eduardo Talamini. The seminar will take place at the historical building of UFPR. The intention is to help the students to prepare for the Annual Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot and to spread the study of arbitration and commercial law. On March 20, the lawyer Paulo Osternack Amaral will give a lecture about the Urgent Measures on Arbitration.

“Online seizure order” in Civil Procedure Code/2015

The new Civil Procedure Code has perfected the discipline of blocking and seizure of money in bank accounts or financial application by electronic means. It provided expressly that the blockade must be made without hearing the executed – and confirmed that such provision does not depend on the presence of the urgent matter requirements. On the subject, read the article written by Eduardo Talamini.

Lecture about Evidence at UNICURITIBA (Curitiba – March 10)

Centro Universitário Curitiba (UNICURITIBA) will hold the I Seminário de Atualização Profissional em Direito, Gestão, Design e Relações Internacionais e Diplomacia (a seminar on Professional Updating in Law, Management, Design and International Relations and Diplomacy), which will start on March 10. The lawyer Paulo Osternack Amaral will give a lecture on Evidence in the new Civil Procedure Code on the first day of the event.

After the Storm – Lecture with Ricardo Amorim (Curitiba – April 5)

On April 5, the economist Ricardo Amorim will give a lecture called “After the Storm” in Curitiba. The event will take place at Teatro Positivo – Pequeno Auditório and will be supported by Justen, Pereira, Oliveira & Talamini. The speaker gathers technical knowledge from his academic background and performance in the financial market and fluent communication recognized from the television program Manhattan Connection. Check here more information on buying tickets.

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