Newsletter - Issue 116

The Civil Procedure Code in debate (Curitiba – October 24)

The 2nd Seminar on the New Civil Procedure Code took place at OAB/PR on October 24. Eduardo Talamini was one of the event’s coordinator and notable authors specialized in Civil Procedure Law that attended the event. Click here.

IASP Seminar: Reform of the Bidding and Government Contracts Law (São Paulo – October 21st)

The Lawyers Institute of São Paulo held on October 21st a seminar on the Senate Law Project 559, whose purpose is to reform the Bidding and Government Contracts Law. Cesar Pereira was one of the speakers in the panel on comparative law of public procurement. Click here.

Lecture given at the XVII Congresso Paranaense de Direito Administrativo (Administrative Law Seminar)

Check out the video with the lecture given by Marçal Justen Filho in the seminar held in his honor on August 23rd, in Curitiba. The lecture dealt with the issue of Public Administration’s (In)Efficiency and the New Civil Procedure Code. To access it, click here.

Book launch: State Owned Companies Law (Law 13.303/2016)

The book coordinated by Marçal Justen Filho on Law 13.303/2016 can already be found in bookstores. Law 13.303/2016 establishes rules regarding state companies (public-owned company, mixed-capital company and its subsidiaries). The book was published by Editora Revista dos Tribunais/Thomson Reuters and contains articles by several authors specialized in Public Law. Check it here.

Constitutional Amendment Proposal 152: new special regime for government payment orders

The Brazilian Congress is analyzing the Constitutional Amendment Proposal 152 of 2015, already approved by the Senate. The proposal will establish a new system of payment to delayed government payment orders. The proposal follows the Supreme Court decision that declared unconstitutional part of the text of the Constitutional Amendment 62/2009, adapting the new regime to what was decided by the court. Check the essay written by academics Diana de Souza Fernandes and João Victor Archegas.

Concession of City Parks

One of the most discussed issues in city elections this year is related to the concession of urban parks to private initiative. In São Paulo, it has been announced the intention to grant the exploitation of important municipal parks. Several other municipalities have similar projects underway. About the subject, read the article written by Rafael Wallbach Schwind, which examines some essential aspects to the legal format of these concessions.

Law 13.334: the beginning of the consolidation of Investment Partnership Program

On September 13, Law 13.334 was published, which is the conversion of Presidential Provisional Measure 727. Law 13.334 created the Investment Partnership Program – PPI from the Federal Government. Check out Alexandre Wagner Nester’s analysis on the context of the new law.

Law 13.303: corporate governance, transparency and compliance in state owned enterprises

Law 13.303/2016 established accurate rules for the establishment and operation of state owned companies. In particular, it instituted rules related to corporate governance, transparency and compliance, which are now mandatory and can contribute to improving the performance of these entities. These issues are discussed in the article by André Guskow Cardoso.



XXX Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Administrativo (Natal – November 30th)

On November 30, Marçal Justen Filho will attend the 8th Panel of the XXX Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Administrativo, which will discuss Government intervention in the economy and innovation: Uber, Whatsapp and other current issues. The event will be held in Natal, RN, in the SERHS Natal Grande Hotel. Check here for schedule.

2016 UNCITRAL Vietnam Workshop (Hanoi – November 24t)

On November 24, Cesar Pereira will lecture in Hanoi, in an UNCITRAL event, on CISG as an efficient applicable law and its economic impact. Then, he will participate in a debate on the application of CISG in agricultural commodities contracts and government purchases. The theme of the CISG application for government purchases acquired specific relevance in Brazil after the enactment of Presidential Provisional Measure 745, which authorizes Banco Central “to purchase paper currency and coins manufactured abroad by foreign supplier”. The contracts signed after that measure will be governed by the CISG. Visit here for more details.

IV Congresso Brasileiro das Empresas Estatais (Brasília – November 21st)

On November 21st, Marçal Justen Filho will lecture on “What changes in the state owned companies bidding processes with Law 13.303/2016” at the Brazilian seminar on state owned companies, that will be held in Brasília, at the Conselho Federal da OAB (SAUS, Block 5, Lot 1, Block M, Asa Sul) . Check here for schedule.

II Luso-Brazilian Process Symposium (Lisbon – November 3rd)

On November 3rd, Eduardo Talamini will lecture at the II Luso-Brazilian Civil Procedure Symposium, which will be held at the University of Lisbon, bringing together legal experts from both countries. For more information, click here.

FGV event on the New State Owned Companies Law (Rio – October 24)

On October 24, the Fundação Getúlio Vargas held the seminar “The New State Owned Companies Law: the challenges in the new scenario set by Law 13.303/2016”. Rafael Wallbach Schwind participated in the panel that addressed technical and legal aspects on the minor participation of state owned companies in the capital of private companies. Check here.

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